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Back Pack Blower Rack for Open Trailers

 Back Pack Blower Rack<br> PK-19 OPEN<br>(includes a PK19S & 1/2 PK-BM)<br>  ***FREE SHIPPING***
Back Pack Blower Rack
(includes a PK19S & 1/2 PK-BM)
Item# PK-19-HALF-PK-BM
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Back Pack Blower Rack for Open Landscaping Trailer

Back Pack Blower Rack for Open Trailers

This rack is designed to hold a back pack blower on an open trailer.

The blower hangs on the rack by its grab handle.

The following back pack blower models require an adapter:

STIHL BR380 and BR420, require a PK-STIHL420 adapter.

STIHL BR430 BR550 BR600, Echo and Redmax models require a PK-STIHL/ECHO adapter

Adapters sold separately.

The following Back Pack Blowers do NOT require an additional bracket:

ECHO - PB-265L, PB-500T, PB-755ST, PB-770H

EFCO - SA-2062

DOLMAR - PB-7601-4

HUSQVARNA - 130-BTS, 350-BTS, 560-BTS, 570-BTS

RED MAX - EBZ-5150, EBZ-6500, EBZ-7500, EBZ-8500

SHINDAWA - EB-802, EB-854

Rack is lockable to help prevent theft.

1 Year warranty.


Weight: 10 pounds


Bolt the lockable PK-19S hook to the top set of holes on the PK-BM tower. Bolt the PK-19S rest plate to the 3rd set of holes on the PK-BM. Using Grade-8 bolts and nylon insert lock nuts (not included) and the pre-drilled holes in the PK-BM tower. Choose a desired location on your trailer side rails. Mark and drill holes in the trailer side rails and secure rack with bolts. This rack is not designed to be welded to your trailer.