About Us

Pack’em is a family owned and operated business with roots that trace back to 1969. Pack’em started as an afterschool part time job mowing lawns. Due to the owner’s loyalty, dedication, and an eye for detail, this part time job quickly became a Lawn & Landscaping business with several accounts. After purchasing a trailer, we found the need to organize & transport our machines & supplies neatly, safely & securely. We began to design racks for open and enclosed trailers keeping the Professional Landscaper’s ever expanding needs in mind.

After 40 years in the business, we are continuing to expand by making stronger, higher quality, economical storage racks, Grass Catchers & Extensions.

With 10’s of thousands of happy customers and loyal Dealers who continue to purchase Pack’em Products, we have been able to answer another need…racks for their leisure time! Pack’em is currently expanding with a line of Sportsmen’s Racks. Racks used for transporting as well as storing sporting items such as Kayaks, bicycles, Snowboards & Skis.

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