Catcher Specs

Click on the Part Number or Part Description to view it's specifications.
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See Catcher Application Chart for proper mower fit.

Not all mower brands are listed below.

Please call us at 570 226-6934 if you don't see your mower on our chart. We can confirm a fit for your mower.

4 = Large Capacity - 4.4 cubic feet
* = Additional Bracket Required - See Catcher Applications Chart for bracket part number(s).

PK-B4Wright Stander, Country Clipper*
PK-EX4 Exmark & more
PK-OB4Scag (Standard deck), Ferris, & Great Dane*
PK-OSB4Scag Advantage Deck - Catcher ONLY fits Advantage Deck mowers.
PK-OVB4Scag Velocity Deck 48" & 52", Ferris and more- Catcher ONLY fits Velocity Deck on Scag mowers.

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