Racks & Bracket Specs & Expandable Rack System Guide

Pack'em Expandable Rack System Guide

This guide is to be used if you are a dealer or distributor. If you are purchasing from our website we have already packaged your racks together and you will receive the racks that you need to assemble your purchase.

Rack Specs

PK-6 Open 3-Place Trailer Trimmer Rack
PK-6S Open 1-Place Trailer Trimmer Rack
PK-6S 2 Expansion for PK-6S to become a 2-place trimmer rack
PK-5 Kit Used to convert open trimmer racks to enclosed trimmer racks. Works with the PK-6, PK-6S and PK-6S/PK-6S2
PK-OP1 Back Pack, Trim Line, & Beverage Cooler Rack
PK-OP2 Multiple Equipment Handling Rack
PK-19 Back Pack Blower Rack (stand alone)
PK-BM Enclosed PK-BM
PK-BH Used with an PK-OP1 & PK-BM to be used in an enclosed trailer
PK-28B Roof Rack Brackets
PK-23 Shovel rack
PK-KR Folding Kayak Racks Folding J-style Kayak Rack Roof Top Carrier
PK-Wall Kayak Wall Storage Rack
PK-WTD Wheel Tie-Down

Bracket Specs

Click on the Part Number or Part Description to view it's specifications.
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PKB-CC Country Clipper. (To be used with Catcher - PK-B4.)
PKB-DP Snapper Pro 2011 stand-on, Scag Freedom Rider,Simplicity Citation Rider 52"

& John Deere G15(To be used with Catcher - PK-OB4)

PKB-EX Bobcat & Bunton, Encore, Kees, Toro, Exmark, & more. 1999 & prior
PKB-FPEX Filler Plate for EX/EXS Catchers (To be used with Catcher - #PK-EX-4)
PKB-JD For John Deere Stand-on 48" 52" & 61"(To be used with Catcher - #PK-EX-4 & PK-EXS-4)
PKB-OS Scag (Advantage Deck)
PKB-O Scag (Standard deck)
PKB-OS Scag (Advantage Deck)
RAD Rear Adjustable Deflector
PKB-RH Red Hawk (To be used with Catcher - PK-EX4 & PK-EXS4)
PKB-TORO Toro 2001 & after (To be used with Catcher - PK-EX4)
PKB-TT Trailmark Turf Tracer 48" & 52" (To be used with Catcher - PK-GB4.)
PKB-UN Great Dane 2004 & after 48" & 52"(To be used with Catcher - PK-EX4)
PKB-BCFits Bobcat walk behind & stand-on mowers, 2010 & after, 48", 52" & 61" (To be used with the PKEX-4)
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