Grass Catchers & Extensions

Grass Catchers & Extensions

*Before buying a grass catcher text a photo, like the one shown here, to 570-994-8298 to confirm the catcher fit. Manufacturers can change a deck configuration a couple of times a year and this can cause the catcher fit to change.

For assistance with Grass Catcher fits, text photos of the Discharge Opening with the Deflector Shield up and a Tape Measure at the Discharge Opening. Check to make sure the Rear Wheel does Not stick out farther than the Discharge Opening. Put the mower Brand, Style and Deck Size in the text. Text photos to 570-994-8298. The tech will reply by text with the proper information.
**You will be responsible for the return shipping costs if you did not call to confirm the correct catcher fit.

***Our APPLICATION CHART can help you to determine which catcher you will need for your mower and if an additional bracket is needed, but we suggest that you still text a photo to us at 570-994-8298 to confirm the catcher fit. If an additional bracket(s)for your mower is listed, please order it. You will need the additional bracket(s) to make the catcher fit your mower.***



-All steel panels are formed into the frame for a better fit and cleaner look.
-Durable baked on powder coat finish outwears ordinary paint.
-Tough welded frame works with plated mounting pin assembly for ultra durability.
-Large capacity - 4.4 cubic feet.
-One piece bottom for maximum life.
-Round folding handles positioned for comfort.
-Finger ring on door latch for super easy operation.
-Top grab handle and swing door available as options.


Looking for more Catchers?
Rack 'Em MFG Aluminum / Stainless Steel Catchers Visit Rack 'em Mfg

-Designed to be lightweight, strong and durable to provide years of trouble free service.
-Stainless steel frame with an aluminum skin.
-Large capacity - 4.4 cubic feet.
-Rounded folding handle positioned for comfort.
-Includes standard Swing Door and Grab Handle.

Your discharge opening MUST stick out farther then the rear wheel of the mower. If the discharge does NOT stick out farther then the rear wheel our catcher will NOT fit

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