<b>PK-28WL & PK-BM</b><br>Exterior Enclosed Trailer Side Wall Ladder Rack

Exterior Enclosed Trailer Side Wall Ladder Rack


Product Description

Exterior Enclosed Trailer Side Wall Ladder Rack

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  • This product is designed to transport a ladder on the exterior side of an enclosed trailer, cube van or box van. Roof mounted ladder racks are great but depending on trailer height and frequency of ladder use, they can be awkward. This is where the PK-28WL/BM comes in. This rack mounts to the exterior side wall of an enclosed trailer. Since the rack is on the side of the trailer as opposed to the roof, it is far easier to access, making it ideal for your most frequently used ladder
  • Rack can also be used to transport long material such as pipe, lumber, conduit, gutter, etc.
  • Very easy and quick to install with simple hand tools and a drill for mounting purposes. Assembly hardware is included. Ladder hooks are adjustable so the hooks can be set up for operator comfort and ease of use. The adjustment feature can also help with odd shaped ladders like “A Frame” ladders. Ladders can be staggered for a more level profile
  • The ladder hooks also have a welded-in gusset which provides extra strength and a place to thread a lock and chain to deter ladder theft (ladder, lock and chain are not included)
  • Strap down bungees are included along with all assembly hardware
  • This product will increase productivity and ease of operation while potentially reducing the risk of injury
  • The entire assembly has our durable black and grey hammer paint powder coated finish that provides years and years of troubled free service. The rack is constructed of steel. The main “C” channel beams are 47 ¼ “ long and the channel is 1” x 2” x 1” There are five adjustment points on the beam where the ladder hooks are mounted. Adjustment points are spaced approximately 12” apart. Ladder hooks are made of 1” x 2” rectangle stock and measure 5 ¾” x 6 ¼”, so any ladder up to 6 ¼” wide will fit
Weight: 21 pounds

A Pack’em Original Design

Product Details:

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