<b>PK-23,PK-OP1 & PK-BM</b><br>Multi Tool Rack<br><br>

Multi Tool Shovel Broom Rake Trim line Cooler Backpack rack by Pack'em Racks

PK-23,PK-OP1 & PK-BM
Multi Tool Rack

Item# PK-23-PK-OP1-PK-BM

Product Description

Multi Tool Shovel Broom Rake Trim line Cooler Backpack rack

Multi Tool Landscaping Rack

This rack holds 1 back pack blower (adapter may be required).

1 round 3 or 5 gallon beverage cooler or pesticide sprayer.

1 spool of 3 or 5 pound trimmer line.

Up to 6 shovels, rakes, brooms or other straight-handle tools with the PK-23 on your open utility trailer with this easy-to-use system.

Racks have pre-cut holes for shovels to fit through.

Mounts to open trailer side rails and pre-drilled towers attach easily to the top and bottom side rails.

Constructed of sturdy steel and has a hammer gray and black powder coat finish for corrosion resistance.

1 Year warranty.


*See Customer Product Reviews below*

Weight: 34 pounds

A Pack’em Original Design.

UPC combined parts: 818638009995 & 818638009896 & 818638009865

INSTALLATION: Bolt the PK-23 to the PK-BM using the top and bottom sets of holes. The Pk-23 should now be mounted between the 2 towers of the PK-BM, make sure the flat side of the PK-BMs face in towards the trailer and the C-channel faces towards the street. Now mount the PK-BM securely to the rails of your open trailer. Determine where on your trailer you will need to drill and attach the pre-drilled towers with Grade-8 bolts and nylon insert lock nuts (not included). Now using the pre-drilled holes on the PK-BM towers mount the back pack blower rack to one tower, and the beverage cooler and trim line rack to the other tower. This rack system is not designed to be welded to your trailer. When finished your shovel handles will slide through the holes and rest on your trailer floor and your other equipment on the rack will be accessible from the curb side of your trailer. This configuration also leaves the bed of your trailer open for lawn mowers or other landscaping equipment.

Backpack Blower Holder

The backpack blower holder is designed to securely hang a blower by the grab handle. Just hang blower from the hook, then fold down the steel arm. Once the arm is properly positioned over the hook, lock it in place.

The following back pack blower models require an adapter:

STIHL BR380, BR400 and BR420, require a PK-STIHL420 adapter.

STIHL BR550 BR600, Echo and Redmax models require a PK-STIHL/ECHO adapter

Adapters sold separately.

The following Back Pack Blowers do NOT require an additional bracket:

ECHO - PB-265L, PB-500T, PB-755ST, PB-770H

EFCO - SA-2062

DOLMAR - PB-7601-4

HUSQVARNA - 130-BTS, 350-BTS, 560-BTS, 570-BTS

RED MAX - EBZ-5150, EBZ-6500, EBZ-7500, EBZ-8500

SHINDAWA - EB-802, EB-854

Beverage Cooler Holder

The beverage cooler rack consists of a steel frame that supports the weight of a cooler with two adjustable straps to hold it in place. Rack is designed to hold a 3 or 5-gallon round cooler or pesticide sprayer.

Trimmer Line Holder

The line holder will hold a 3 or 5 pound spool of trimmer line. Slide the spool onto the center rod of the holder, then hook the rod back in place. Now your trimmer line is securely stored and easily accessible for quick, painless unwinding directly from the spool.

*Customer Product Reviews*

Unlike the advertised picture, I decided to mount the cooler and blower on the inside. As a result it's harder to get tools into the first and last slots. Overall it's a nice setup. Was able to install in the dark of night using a flashlight, so not much to it. Does not include trailer mounting hardware. I called to confirm the included hardware is only for the frame.
Russell C 06/26/2013

This is a great product. It's sturdy and easy to install. It really cleaned up my trailer. They had great communication and fast shipping. A+ all around.
Michael S 04/02/2015

Makes trailer alot more neat plus better for equimpment. also very fast shipping.
NATHANIEL 02/25/2013

Very nice rack is very strong. It shiped quick and with no problems.
Keith W 03/31/2015

Simple design and easy to install. Delivery was fast as well! The only downside is that there are no bolts included to attach to trailer. (Could have been stated in the description) This is to be expected though since all trailers will differ. Completely satisfied.
Goose 09/20/2013

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