<b>PK-6</b><br> Locking 3-Place Open Trimmer Rack

Locking 3-Place Open Trimmer Rack

Item# PK-6

Product Description

Locking 3 Place Trimmer Rack with included Free 3 Pound Trim Line Holder and 3 Bonus Keyed A-Like Locks!

  • This Pack’em rack is designed to hold 3 string trimmers and a 3 pound trim line
  • Fully lockable with your locks to help prevent theft
  • Mounts to open trailer side rails
  • Pre-drilled towers attach easily to the side rails of your open trailer
  • 3 lockable hasps to secure trimmers to the rack with memory foam pads on rack hooks to prevent trimmer rotation
  • Constructed of sturdy steel with a hammer gray and black powder coat finish for corrosion resistance

Capable of holding a backpack blower, beverage cooler and trimmer line by adding Pack’em expansion package PK-OP1 (sold separately)

Use on your enclosed trailer with conversion kit (PK-5Kit - sold separately)

Weight: 17 pounds

1 Year Warranty

Equipment Not Included

A Pack’em Original Design

Patent Pending

The PK-6 mounts securely to the top and bottom rail of your open trailer. Line the towers up, approximately 3 feet apart and determine where on your trailer rails you will need to drill. Attach the pre-drilled towers with Grade-8 bolts and insert lock nuts (not included). This rack system is NOT designed to be welded to your trailer.
Be sure to face the rack toward the outside of the trailer for easy access to your trimmers. This configuration leaves the bed of your trailer open for lawn mowers and other landscaping equipment. To use the rack, simply place your trimmers horizontally in the hooks. Hooks on one of the towers have integrated steel hasps. To secure your trimmers to the rack, just fold the hasps over each trimmer and lock in place.

Trim Line Hook Assembly Instructions:

*See Customer Product Reviews Below*

"The product was shipped and delivered beyond on time. The trimmer racks were easy to install on my trailer. It took me a max 10 minutes to set up."
-James J.

"Great product! Great customer service! I will be installing Pack'em racks on all our trucks & trailers!"
-Bradley M.

"I have had four racks on different trailers over the years. The Pack'em rack holds my equipment more securely than the previous models. I also like the fact that the product arrived sooner than anticipated. Price is good as well. If you've shopped around, you already know that."
-Kevin B.

"These racks are awesome for the price. The rack is designed to mount on the curb side, motor towards the truck. That allows each trimmer to be removed individually. If you mount it on the street side(drivers side) the angles are all wrong and you have to remove the trimmer above it to get the lower one out. Installed on the curb side, you place the trimmer in the rack, head above motor at about a 40* angle, rotate motor end over the clasp and it slips right in. On Street side, the MOTOR must be above the HEAD to get the head in the rack, and it interferes with the trimmer mounted above it. As for spinning in the rack,my Echo with the New-type handles (rubber over plastic and the solid safety trigger, not the open paddle) they do not rotate at all. The handle fits perfectly in the clasp and the trimmer sits rotated to about 2 o clock. On a side note, this is a perfect position to fill fuel on the Echo trimmers as the cap is straight up and not at an angle like if you fill on the ground. I can see adding some strips of innertube on the clasp end to prevent any scratching, if that thing bothers you. The finish on the rack is second to none. It is a VERY tough hammered type finish that has handled 3 sharp-edged heavy American brand locks banging against it for 2 weeks on washboard-pothole-filled-northeast roads and hasn't shown a scratch. The pre-drilled mounting holes are nice, if you can use them. I couldn't use the top hole as it interfered with my top rail, so I drilled another hole about an inch lower on it..... IF you HAVE to drill a hole, use a NEW bit, LOTS of lubrication and the right Speed for that bit. I used a BRAND NEW Irwin brand metal cutting bit and it had a hard time. The steel they use is not your typical chinese steel. It is some tough stuff, but I'd assume it has to be with the forces acting on it. Like said in other reviews, use Grade 8 hardware, not stainless. The forces on the rack are HUGE when fully loaded(although it handles it fine) and the weakest link WILL be your hardware mounting to the trailer. Use Stover-type locking nuts and grade 8 bolts and washers, not whatever happens to be in your bolt bucket. All in all, you can buy one of those other "namebrand" overpriced racks with locking blocks that mount to your trimmer and sealed hardened complex locking mechs....that you have to buy an extra part to keep your trimmer motor from breaking off.......Or you can spend 1/3 of that, buy this rack and add another trimmer to your fleet with the savings. Or take the wife out to dinner and dancing. That's probably the better choice. :)"
-Mike F.

"Purchased another trailer needed racks for trimmer/edger. This one works great. I have two foot mesh sides so had to adjust the placement some to work for my trailer. Supply your own nuts, washers and bolt - I used 1.5 length and they worked fine. Supplied locks are okay you may want others. Overall a great rack for the price."
-James S.

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