<b>PK-6S & PK-6S2</b><br>Locking 2-Place Open Trimmer Rack<b>

PK-6S & PK-6S2
Locking 2-Place Open Trimmer Rack

Item# PK-6S-PK-6S2

Product Description

Pack'em 2 Place Trimmer Rack for Open Trailers

  • Carry 2 string trimmers simply and securely with our 2 place string trimmer trailer rack
  • Pre-drilled base attaches easily to the side rail of your open trailer
  • Memory foam pads on rack hooks to prevent trimmer rotation
  • Hasps can be locked down
  • Constructed of sturdy steel with a hammer gray and black powder coat finish for corrosion resistance

Weight: 13 Pounds

1 Year Warranty

Equipment Not Included

A Pack’em Original Design

This sturdy, steel rack mounts securely to the rail of your open utility trailer. Assemble your 2 place string trimmer trailer rack by bolting your PK-6S and your PK-6S2 together. Determine where on your trailer rail you want to place the racks. Towers should be approximately 3 feet apart. Attach the pre-drilled towers with Grade-8 bolts and nylon insert lock nuts (not included) to the rail of your open trailer. You will have to drill holes in your rails to mount racks. This rack system is NOT designed to be welded to your trailer.
Be sure to face the rack toward the outside of the trailer for easy access to your trimmer. This configuration leaves the bed of your trailer open for lawn mowers and other landscaping equipment. To use the rack, simply place your trimmer horizontally in the hooks. Hooks on one of the towers have integrated steel hasps. To secure your trimmers to the rack, just fold the hasp over each trimmer and lock in place using your locks.

Product Details:

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