<b>PK-6S2</b><br>Expansion Rack

Trim Rack Addition turns a single trimmer rack into double trimmer rack

Expansion Rack
Item# PK-6S2

Product Description

Trim Rack Addition turns a Single Trimmer Rack into Double Trimmer Rack

  • This rack is to be added to a PK-6S to make it a 2-place trimmer rack for either an open or enclosed trailer
  • Pre-drilled to attach easily to your PK-6S, comes with included assembly hardware
  • Constructed of sturdy steel with a hammer gray and black powder coat paint finish for corrosion resistance

1 Year warranty.


Weight: 6 Pounds

A Pack’em Original Design.

UPC 818638000527

This sturdy steel rack will bolt to your PK-6S, 1-place trimmer rack making it a 2-place trimmer rack. The PK-6S is already mounted to your side trailer rail, you simply bolt the PK-6S2 to the top of the PK-6S into the pre-drilled holes and securely tighten the bolts. Installation is now complete.

Be sure to face the rack toward the outside of the trailer for easy access to your trimmer. This configuration also leaves the bed of your trailer open for lawn mowers and other landscaping equipment.

To use the rack, simply place your trimmer horizontally in the hooks. The hooks on one of the towers have integrated steel hasps. To secure your trimmer to the rack, just fold the hasp over the trimmer and lock in place with your lock. (lock not included)

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