<b>RC-WTD<br>Wheel Tie Down

Wheel Tie Down

Item# RC-WTD

Product Description

Wheel Tie Down

Wheel Tie Down

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  • The Wheel Tie Down will secure almost anything with wheels to a trailer
  • This kit can be used on an open or enclosed trailer
  • The weather resistant anodized steel stops bolt to the trailer floor and act as chocks
  • The main strap is 7’ long, so it can accommodate many different wheel sizes, like ATVs, mowers, construction equipment and more
  • Wheel Tie Down is rated at 800 pounds per strap (1 strap secures 1 wheel). We recommend that 2 straps be used for each piece of equipment you are transporting
  • The cam lock that accepts the strap provides a solid closure that will not loosen during transport
  • Both the strap and cam lock attach to the chocks with e-track type quick connect/release latches
  • If you move anything with wheels on your trailer (and would like it to still be there when you get to your destination) you need the Wheel Tie Down

Weight: 5 pounds

A Pack’em Original Design

Product Details:

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